Thinking of an Electric Car? But not happy with the choices?

It's great that there are finally electric cars on the market, but do they have to be so boring? Not everyone is looking for a 4 door econo box with "futuristic" styling.

I don't know what to say about this design, but sporty it's not.

Wish I could afford one.

The nice ones are just too expensive. You'll need a second mortgage to afford one.

You'd think someone would notice that not every EV buyer wants an economy car or can afford a luxury car. Some of us want something sporty, fun to drive and doesn't cost an arm and a leg...

Or you can build your own electric roadster. Why not do-it-yourself and get the car you want at a price you can afford?

You know your way around a wrench and we have the EV know-how and experience. Together we can help you build the electric roadster you've been dreaming of.

Now you're talkin'.

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